My Location isSaint John, New Brunswick

My QSL card (QSL via K2NJ please)

My hobby is amateur radio.   Having been licensed since the mid 60’s with most of my operating time spent on Morse code (CW) working contests and DXing although I do enjoy operating RTTY and occasionally SSB.  I was first licensed as VE1ASJ.
Over the years I have operated from numerous spots around the world.
Some of the calls I have held are: VE1DX, VE1SPI, VE8CW, VO2AB, CY0SPI, HP9FC, VP9/VE1ASJ and ZD9BP.
Back in the Spring of 1970 I was lucky enough to arrive on the Island of Cape Verde just in time for the CQWW WPX SSB contest and operated as CR4BC.
I have also operated as CT3AS,PY7AKW,TF3EA and ZS1JD as a guest.
One of my enjoyments of the hobby was providing special prefixes when every available and of course I was always looking for new prefixes on CW.

My son, Randy followed in Dad’s foot steps, becomi— ***Note: Hopefully you will find the data contained on these pages of interest. Lately I have been active on CW, RTTY and PSK. If you happen to hear me, please do stop by and say hello.  Be sure to stop by WWW.VE9DX.COM often – Tell your friends… 73 Andy — I have some space available on my server and would be happy to add your logs. Contact me for more information… 73 Andy (VE9DX) —


ITU reference page:  An ongoing effort by VE9WH and DX.


Links of Interest:



  • KA9FOX  Lots of contests information here, including rumored scores from most contests.
  • LA9HW A most comprehensive listing of contest calendars complete with rules.
  • VE1JF Super contest station.  (I will be operating here during CQWW CW.  Be sure to call us.)
  • VE9WH Links to numerous contests pages.  (Good place to start when looking for up to date contest information.)


WorldRTTYcontest scene by:DJ3NG’s


Logging Software:

  • Logger – An all purpose log by K4CY/N6BFM/9K2ZZ   (FREE)
  • A New version (Logger32) is now available at KC4ELO’s web site.  (FREE)
  • Writelog – By far the best contesting software on the market.
  • CT  By K1EA



Check my online logs.  Should you desire to put your logs online you may download the software for free…!    You will need to download the Amateur Radio Log Search applet (Version 1.12)

Note:  If you download the software and require some help with the setup, please feel free to contact me and I will be happy to talk you through the setup process. Email: VE9DX


 Online Logbooks:

Various logs are available on line .
Please, if you are using this program or know of any others that use the program.  Let me know and I will create a link to the online logs available. Email me.

DXcluster telnet sites:
The followings is a listing of various DXcluster Telnet sites available:  As always, if you happen to come across any bad links or know of any which could be added, I would appreciate hearing from you.



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